How to Get a Loan After Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy can feel like the worst thing when it comes to your credit. After all, you will be stuck without one for up to 10 years. But it is very possible to build up decent credit score while you’re waiting for your bankruptcy to age off of your report.... Read more
Americans Are Not Prepared for Emergencies
There are minor emergencies such as a flat tire, root canal, or a busted pipe that happen all the time. But for most Americans, these inconveniences are true recipes for financial ruin, states Bankrate. Every second person is at risk In a recently released survey, Bankrate found that 63%... Read more
Let’s Break Those ARMs! Busting 3 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Myths
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4 Lies about Money that Could Be Keeping You in Debt
According to the 2015 report by Pew Charitable Trusts, over 80% of Americans are in debt. Patrice Washington, the author of Real Money Answers for Every Woman, states that we tell ourselves lies about money that could be contributing to our debt. She also states that wealth has nothing... Read more
A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Student Loans for College
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Unemployed – Rules to Live By
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How to Get Your Student Loan on Track
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Is It Wise to Prepay Your Mortgage?
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Unemployed? You Can Still Get a Loan
If you find yourself without a job and on the unemployment lines, it can result in a cash shortfall, so you may want to take out a loan to take the pressure off making ends meet. The problem is that most lenders will deny you a loan because they... Read more
Bankrate: Personal Loan Review
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